Knights see Unplanned in theaters

The Knights of Columbus have always supported causes for life, such as the Walk for Life and the 1,000 Ultrasound Initiative, and recently when the movie Unplanned was released in the theaters council 6197 organized a social night to see the movie as a council.

Knights watch Unplanned

The message in the movie is needed now more than ever now in a time when states are pushing to expand the limits of abortion and equate it to health care. Although most movie goers who watch Unplanned don’t need any convincing about the pro-life cause, the movie is still very effective at showing the grizzly details of the abortion industry, and specifically Planned Parenthood, by focusing on the life story of a Abbey Johnson who was one of the youngest directors of a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic. After working at the clinic for 10 years and quickly moving up the corporate ladder, Abby ends up having a major conversion one day and decides that she has to quiet when she sees an ultrasound guided abortion. In an ironic twist, she immediately joins the 40 Days for Life movement and becomes one of its most outspoken members despite being threatened and sued by Planned Parenthood. In the end, Abbey comes out victorious and the movie concludes on a high note with Abbey’s former clinic finally shutting down for good. One of the most important messages Unplanned shows is that vigilance and prayer do work and it’s never too late for conversion, repentance, and to accept God’s mercy. The film is also very effective at mobilizing the pro-life movement into prayer and action and has convinced many abortion industry workers to find a new job.

Looking into Abbey’s life, you’ll find out that she eventually converted to Catholicism and is now the mother of 8 children. In addition to her best selling book Unplanned, she is also releasing a new book called The Walls Are Talking which tells the story of many other former abortion workers like herself. In addition to her involvement in 40 Days for Life, Abbey also started her own ministry called “And Then There Were None” which aims at helping works in the abortion industry find new jobs.