St. Mark the Evangelist

Il Pordenone - San Marco - Budapest

Feast Day: April 25

St. Mark is the well know gospel writer of the Gospel According to Mark. He was a Jew who lived in the first century AD and it is disputed whether he knew Christ or was converted to Christianity after Christ’s resurrection. His Gospel was likely written between 60-70 AD, probably after the deaths of St. Peter and St. Paul.

He was a follower of St. Peter the Apostle and a travelling companion, for a time, of Saint Paul. It is believed the Gospel According to Mark was written, at the request of Roman Christians, from his recollection of St. Peter’s words. Some of the early Christian writers believe the Gospel may have been approved by the Apostle himself, which would place its writing before St Peter’s death. His Gospel shows St. Peter to be a humble man, pointing out his faults in close details but ignoring some of the praise Jesus bestows on him in some of the other Gospel accounts.

St. Mark was sent out to evangelize and found other churches, including a church at Aquileia in Italy, and preached in Libya. He is held to be the first bishop of Alexandria, Egypt, where he would eventually be martyred.

St. Mark’s life reminds the faithful of the importance of evangelization, spreading the good news of salvation to all. He preached the good news by word of mouth as well as by writing and ultimately gave his life for Christ. In today’s modern world how can you preach the good news to the world?